Meet Root

Here I am waiting for Godot

Here I am still waiting

Still waiting

Stein shook the structure with grammatical catastrophes. McCarthy tore it apart and left it desolate. Hemingway wrote emotion without words. Faulkner was complex without feeling, and Joyce – well Joyce was eloquent in all things he wrote – but I want to strip it down to its arid bones, rip away the rancid fat and throw away the rot. I want to blow the dust from the dried carcass and find that what is underneath is all that’s necessary. I want to discover as Kerouac did, of himself, that I am a writer, and this is writing. This is art. Call it flash fiction, micro fiction, whatever. I think I will call it, because it is unwasteful writing, frugal fiction.

And still waiting

I live in Winston-Salem North Carolina where I practice frugal and unwasteful writing, or flash fiction as it is otherwise known. I am 43 years old. I am vegetarian. I have an old dog and two grown children. My children are away becoming educated adults. Judging by the turnip-greens still in her food dish, my dog is probably not vegetarian.

Here I am, having lost patience, writing to Godot


root dot gilmore at gmail dot com