And They ©

And they lived in a mountainous
forgotten place –
where days and nights
passed easily between them,
and the slow moving shadows of their bygone-selves
were cast onto sepia colored lawns.

They lived in a place
where their bent and private lives
found them stooping beneath apple trees,
to collect into their aprons and pockets,
apples that had tumbled back to earth.

In summers,
they wore July’s jacket of heat,
and on their large and covered porch,
they drank iced tea,
and fanned themselves
with folded crossword puzzles.

In the evenings,
in wooden chairs,
they rocked themselves –
while the sound of faraway screen doors
snapped shut against their frames,
and they listened,
as sounds floated away like lonely ghosts.

And together, in tenacious tandem,
they moved from room to room
from baths to meals and then,
to bed and back again.

And they danced this dance for fifty years –

she in her light and leading step,
and he in his clumsy footing.

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15 comments on “And They ©

  1. Strong and evocative. Your descriptions are like a painting brought to life. I see them gathering apples, I see the half-done crossword puzzles. I hear the occasional screen door accenting the steady rhythm of the squeaking rockers. Oh, I like this!

  2. Eve Redwater says:

    Wow, Joseph! A brilliant poem. Held me right until the end. Like Helen said, evocative – very much so. I love it!

  3. Rovor says:

    This seems to me a good example of frugal fiction, with everything pared down to a sharp glimpse of what matters.

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  5. I think you write marvellous poetry! More please! The ending is especially powerful.

  6. Thank you Stacey, Maybe it’s time.

  7. Heidi Parton says:

    I’ll join the chorus and say this is really subtly beautiful. I love the beginning that reads like walking into the middle of a quiet, intimate conversation. You’re great at dense, vibrant images expressed in quiet tones.

  8. erikarobuck says:

    I just shared this on Twitter. Lovely poem.

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